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Finger Puppet Set: Freud And Couch

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Finger Puppet Set Freud And Couch

Unemployed Philosophers Guild

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Finger Puppet Set: is a must own puppet. One of the several features for these puppets is the both puppet and couch are magnetic. stick them on the fridge after therapy!. Additional features include things like housed in a handsome box. Great deal on Finger Puppet Set: . For the greatest deal for this puppet together with other products, check out the market add to cart button.

Freud and Couch Imagine you could have an actual therapy session with the great Sigmund Freud himself. Now imagine you could shrink yourself down, get on that couch, and let Freud analyze you! They're both magnetic, so you can stick 'em on your fridge when the therapy session is completed. Imagine you could reach into your pocket and pull out a little Freud along with a little chaise lounge. All of this is now possible thanks towards the Freud and Couch Finger Puppet set.) Every handsome box set consists of a Freud Finger Puppet and a beautiful, tiny therapy couch. (Well, all except the"shrinking yourself down"element -- we're nonetheless operating on that.


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