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Flitter Fairies Aerioth (cave Fairy)

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Flitter Fairies Aerioth

William Mark

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You will need to get the Flitter Fairies Aerioth a really really fun puppet. UPC Number 759786100090. I really liked that it has it's easy to guide your fairy with your magic wand!. The finger puppet is 11" Height x 6" Length x 3" Width. We would like you to get the best price when acquiring a finger puppet for your children, please visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Flitter Fairies give the magical illusion of flight using nearly invisible strands of Pixie Silk thread that attaches among the fairy and a clip that you hide anywhere on your physique. Each and every Flitter Fairy seeks to bond with a human friend who shares her most considerable trait for example compassion, protection or inspiration. 75"tall. Learn about Aerioth, Eva, Daria, Mara, and Alexa, play games, enter the Snow Fairy Keeper contest, explore the map of Faewick Forest and Kendlenook Village, and read the fairy book"Slightly Above Time"inside! Includes fairy, wand, hair clip, 8 strands of silk, story book and simple instructions. It's a little girl's dream and so straightforward to function with! (Every single fairy sold separately) Collect them all! You then location the wand on the thread to guide the fairy as if she's flying around you. Come fly with us and discover the Realm Slightly Above Time! Fairy is 4. Their deepest wish is usually to inspire humans to take greater care of the all-natural world.


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