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Flitter Fairies Daria (forest Fairy)

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Flitter Fairies Daria
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William Mark

Model: FFDA
UPS: 759786100069
Color: gold
Package Quantity: 1

759786100069 is the UPC for this terrific finger puppet. The puppet comes in gold. I believe you will love that the product offers their deepest wish is to inspire humans to take better care of the natural world. The finger puppet dimensions are 11"H x 6"L x 3"W and it weighs roughly 0.3 lbs. To get the same cheap price I uncovered, check out the link on this site.

Daria is the feisty middle kid together with a Forest Fairy. When Daria flits through the forest, all the creatures feel safe knowing that she looks out for them in her role as a Fairy of Protection. Her gorgeous gold hair and green eyes make her stunning. Let her defend you and your home, too! Daria wears gold and green so that she can far a lot more simply hide herself within the forest.


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