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Flitter Fairies Three Pack Daria, Eva, And Alexa !

Flitter Fairies Three Pack Daria4 Star Rating
Flitter Fairies Three Pack Daria
Flitter Fairies Three

A list of characteristics are includes eva, daria, and alexa and three flitter fairies!. To learn more about this finger puppet, visit the shopping cart button below.

flitter fairies three pack daria alexa

Brand: WMC
UPC: 791090336420

Product Info

Eva is going to be the oldest from the three sisters and a Lake Fairy. When Alexa tends the meadow, she inspires the flowers to create and so Alexa was named a Fairy of Inspiration. Alexa is super cute and wears a shiny pink and green dress with a hot pink sash. Her gorgeous gold hair and green eyes make her stunning. Her calming and lovely blue-and-silver dress reminds folks to stay cool like water instead of indulging anger. Alexa could be the youngest of three sisters in addition to a Meadow Fairy. With Eva at your side, you can learn to be a compassionate friend, too. The most mature sister, Eva teaches her sisters and those around her as a Fairy of Compassion. Let her inspire you to develop and learn and be much more creative! Her long silver hair and deep blue eyes are beautiful and captivating. Daria may possibly be the feisty middle child and a Forest Fairy. Daria wears gold and green to make sure that she can a lot a lot more basically hide herself inside the forest. She has short bronze hair and hazel eyes. Let her protect you and your home, too! When Daria flits through the forest, each of the creatures feel safe knowing that she looks out for them in her role as a Fairy of Protection.

Features List

  • Three Flitter Fairies!
  • Includes Eva, Daria, and Alexa
  • Flitter Fairies TM magically flit and fly all around you with enchanted flapping wings! It's easy to guide your fairy with your magic wand!
  • Pack: 3

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