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Yabber Large 16 Piece Finger Puppet Set, 10 Animals, 6 People, Family Members, Educational Puppets For Language Skills, Imagination, Motor Development, Enhancing Relationships

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Large 16 Piece Finger Puppet Set


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Children love a Large 16 Piece Finger a great finger puppet made by Yabber. I do believe you will like that the puppet features this feature of interactive play, improve communication skills. Additional features include great for imagination activities and enhance relationships. It's dimensions are 1" Height x 6" Length x 2" Width and weighs around 0.06 lbs. To get the best offer on this puppet together with other finger puppets, visit our affilate button below.

This could be a delightful vibrant and colorful set of animal and folks puppets. Use for communication exercises and imaginative fun and story telling. Therapeutic and fun. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Elephant, Cow, Frog, Bunny, Dog, Hippo, Bear, Duck, Kuala, Panda. Great fun for everyone.


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