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Sanyork Wholesale Finger Puppets Set Of 100 Assortment Birds, Animals And Insects

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Sanyork Wholesale Finger Puppets Set

Sanyork Fair Trade

Model: 07-2978104272534
Package Quantity: 100

Should you be seeking a puppet We have come up with some good info. Sanyork Wholesale a great item made by Sanyork Fair Trade a great finger puppet! In my opinion, you will love that the puppet has got this feature of assorted animals, insects,birds and people 100 pack lot. It's 1"H x 3"L x 1"W and it weighs just about 0.01 lbs.

Hand knit in Lima Peru by the girls of Lumbreras, a dusty hillside in 1 of Latin America's largest cities. Supporting fair trade standards, social justice and the use of native eco-friendly sustainable raw supplies for our production are in the core of our mission. In our workshop they generate these wonderful finger puppets and can feed their children and watch over them. Our knitters are single women raising youngsters on their own. They are paid Fair Trade standard wages and are able to aid their households. Most importantly, they have learned a trade that can allow the to generate a living and they have pride for the function they do.


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