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Skunk Finger Puppet

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Skunk Finger Puppet

Folkmanis Puppets

Model: 2647
UPS: 638348026477
Package Quantity: 1

Everyone who is looking for a puppet We've come up with information. Skunk Finger Puppet manufactured by Folkmanis Puppets is a super fun puppet. The barcode for this impressive puppet is 638348026477. The feature attributes include 8" long and 8 inches long. It's dimensions are 3"H x 8"L x 3"W. It has a weight of 0.06 lbs. To get the same low price I ran across, visit our partners via the link.

Raise a stink with this Skunk finger puppet! You see, the less alarming you are to him, the less alarming he'll be to your nose. Scent glands not included. Or simply sit quietly and play.


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