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Bobcat Finger Puppet

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Model: 2740
UPS: 638348027405
Color: brown
Package Quantity: 1

I believe you will like that the puppet has got this feature, bring the wonder of nature to your fingertips. Other features include things like adorable plush finger puppet and great for pretend play and storytelling. MPN: 2740. The color for the finger puppet is brown. The puppet is 4.5"H x 4"L x 3.5"W. It has got a weight of 0.06 lbs. To find the best offer for this item in addition to other products, check out the link below.

Looking deceptively like a domestic cat, the bobcat remains wild at heart as it hunts by way of the night for prey. 4"L x 3 1/2"W x 4 1/2"H. Bring the wonder of nature to your fingertips with this Bobcat Finger Puppet.


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